2003 Pagsta Mini Harlee

This is a street legal mini motorcycle with an air cooled single cycle 50cc engine and a 4 speed manual tranny. It is capable of speeds in excess of 35 mph and is a hip alternative to being seen on a scooter or moped. This sweet little bike has a kick starter and a CDI electric starter. The electrical system is 12 volts including the headlight, taillight, license plate light, horn and blinkers. It weighs 185lbs, has a 350lb load capacity, a 76” wheelbase, a 40” overall height and a 24” seat height. It has a 12” rear rim, a 17” front rim, a 2 up seat, passenger foot pegs, a sissy bar and shocks both front and rear. This bike is like new and has just 25 miles on the speedometer. It is street legal and qualifies as a moped based on the engine size which means you do not need a motorcycle license to operate it. If you are looking for something that gets 100 + mpg this is as cool as it gets!

$ 1,195

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CDI Key start

It takes a few seconds to load
so please be patient.

Kick start