200cc ¾ Scale Mini Chopper

This is not your typical mini chopper, this is a 3/4 scale size chopper capable of 75 mph. It has a powerful 4-stroke, air cooled (E.P.A. certified) 200cc engine mated to a 5-speed manual transmission. This bike is geared for fast take-offs and designed to be driven at high speeds. It comes with front ABS brakes and rear hydraulic brakes which will allow you to stop on a dime. These choppers are currently available in orange, red and black. The orange one photographed is on our showroom and ready to roll. Each bike comes with its own serial number and Manufacture Certificate of Origin (MCO) for registering. It also comes with turn signals, a brake light, a horn, and a speedometer. These bikes can be made street legal in most states by simply adding a license plate bracket! Please check your local laws and regulations to be certain. If you have been thinking about getting a scooter but can’t stand the thought of someone seeing you ride one this is the perfect alternative!

$ 1,998

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Engine Type: LiFan 200cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder ( Max Speed 75+ MPH)

Cooling System: Air-Cooled

Transmission: LiFan 5 speed Manual

Drive: Chain

Starting System: Electric / Kick Start


Ignition: CDI

Front end: Dual Telescopic Forks

Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brake (Front ABS)


Rims: Front 15" Aluminum, Rear 14” Aluminum

Options: Headlight, Front & Rear Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light

Weight Capacity: 330 lbs, Dry Weight: 238 lbs

Ground Clearance: 3 inches, Length: 92.5 inches, Width: 37.6 inches

Height: 34 inches, Seat Height: 19 inches, Wheelbase: 74 inches

Warranty: 1 Year Frame, 6 Months Parts

EPA Approved

Government Certifications: DOT Approved

Motorcycle License required (Check with local DMV)